A simple solution to a big problem.

Who We Are

Coal Mine Methane is a real problem— for coalmine owners, for local communities, for the planet. Carbon Capture Resources (CCR), LLC offers what has been described as “a simple, elegant solution to a big problem.”  Working locally—with an eye toward global impact—is at the heart of the CCR mission to create profit and positive environmental benefits for all our stakeholders in coal country.

-The CCR Team

CCR is Solving Problems

For Coalmine Owners
CCR is a one-stop-shop for coalmine owners seeking to generate revenue from their asset inventory. Coalmine owners incur no expense and benefit from a long term income stream.
For Local Communities
Working with residents and coalmine owners, CCR can reduce the local impact of methane and increase the positive impact for coal country and the global atmosphere.
For The Planet
Our relationship driven approach to business and commitment to using technology for methane abatement, produces a double bottom-line return for our partners.

Why Choose Us?

Cutting-Edge Technology
CCR installs technology to harness and/or destroy methane before the gas can adversely impact local water wells or the atmosphere.
Guaranteed Returns
From monetizing a stranded asset to mitigating an environmental liability, CCR offers coalmine owners long term profit while reducing environmental impact.
Community Foused
“Appalachia First” is one of our founding principles. CCR is committed to using local labor and contractors when doing work in a community.
Change for the Future
CCR can reduce the local impact of liberating methane and increase the positive impact for coal country and the global atmosphere.

Watch CCR at work!

Check out a Carbon Capture Resources flare in action!

Meet CCR Leaders

Ken Kelley

Founder / Director of Gas Transport

Jeremy Breedlove

Founder / Director of Investments

Kevin McKamey

Founder / Director of Operations

Mark Roesch

Founder / Director of Logistics

Victor Ferreira

Partner / Director of Finance

Adam Edelen

Founder / Director of Strategic Partnerships

Chad Collins

Founder / Managing Director

David K. Smith

Project and Engineering Manager

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